PWCC provides a professional auction service that offers a highly visible stage for your cards, excellent communication and documentation throughout and highly competitive fee percentages, all while eliminating the seller's work of dealing with multiple individual buyers, auction listings, packing and mailing. PWCC has been doing this for years and their reputation is well known. I highly recommend them.
— M.M., CA
Thanks Brent for wonderful years of service and trustworthiness. I have had excellent success consigning my items on PWCC. I feel like I get personalized service with this company and the best prices possible for my items. Because of their extensive advertising I feel that more people bid on my consignment items instead of me posting it myself on eBay. I always feel reassured that my items are safe because of the constant communication that I receive from Brent. Also the consignment summaries are extremely easy to understand and payment after the auction is quick and hasslefree. Thanks Brent for your excellent customer service and helping me make money faster.
— R.V., CAN
After using other auction sites and houses over the years, it has become crystal clear to me that PWCC offers the best prices for my collection and stellar customer service for my every need.
— S.J., CA
After nearly thirty years of buying quality vintage sportscards, I have recently started liquidating some of my collections. I have sold cards through a number of major auction houses nationwide. PWCC offers a streamlined consignment procedure, exposure to hundreds of hungry buyers, a beautiful, user-friendly web site, competitive prices realized and a quick, efficient settlement process. PWCC's sellers' commissions are fair and Brent and his staff take the time to carefully describe lots so that knowledgeable buyers can have confidence in what they are purchasing. Brent also takes the time to make personal contact with consignors. I will continue to direct most of my consignments to PWCC...and you should, too.
— M.H., NY
With Brent's resolute integrity and unparalleled professionalism, it really should come as no surprise that PWCC transcends the world of consignments. Years ago I made a conscious decision to transact business with him and I've never looked back. From day one it's an experience that the competition simply can't replicate. And if you consider yourself a small fish? Fear not, because Brent will never treat you as such.
— S.S., TX
Brent and his company are first-rate. I've been collecting for over twenty-five years, and I've never encountered anyone who surpassed him in integrity, knowledge, competence, conscientiousness and courtesy. Whether he's giving a specific write-up, offering excellent photos of the cards he's auctioning, answering specific questions over the phone or through email or paying out quickly to consignors, Brent is tremendous. He has been great for the entire hobby, consignors and buyers alike.
— G.M., AZ
I always recommend Brent & PWCC to sell my auction items. I am a repeat consignor and have been impressed by their professionalism, communication and item presentation. Do yourself a favor and send your items to Brent and get the best prices. You WILL BE happy you did!
— J.R., FL
PWCC Auctions are a convenient and profitable way to sell cards. Consignment is quick and easy, and Brent responds to queries or concerns promptly. The PWCC website is superbly designed, the best such site I have seen, with information access both logical and intuitive. Visually, the clarity of the site makes keeping an eye on bids fun and exciting--which is what collecting should be. If you're looking for that high-end card, or just to fill out a set with a few commons, PWCC is the place to go.
— N.Y., WI
I have been consigning cards to PWCC for years and he gets top dollar for my material and is the quickest of any auction houses out there in paying out consignors!
— M.Q., CAN
I am very picky who I choose to consign to when I do. I was recommended to Brent due to his honesty and integrity. I have spoken to Brent a few times and agree. I have consigned high grade sets and have been very happy with the results and attention to detail in the sets when listed. When consigning I feel very confident that he describes the sets well and that if any edits are necessary they are reviewed taken into consideration. I feel that he is an honest consignee with great customer service and highly recommend his services.
— E.D., CT
I am 65 years old and have a collection of baseball cards from my grade school days. I have decided to sell them, and for the last few years have been fretting about how to go about it. I considered trying to sell them myself through Ebay, but having no experience at selling on Ebay it seemed a little intimidating. I considered selling through someone else, but when you're dealing with someone you don't know, that is a little scary. By chance one day I stumbled across the PWCC Auctions website. I was immediately impressed with the way the site was put together and the appearance of it. I am a very cautious person by nature when dealing with someone new that I am not familiar with, but after viewing the PWCC Auctions site I felt fairly comfortable with the thought of sending some of my cards to them. I researched the possible values of my cards and sent a few that looked promising off to be PSA to be graded. I then sent six of the PSA graded cards to PWCC Auctions. I was immediately notified by email when they had safely arrived at their destination. I was very impressed with the visual appearances and the written descriptions of the cards that were presented in the auction. PWCC Auctions evidently has a broad base of bidders who know the value of items and are willing and eager to bid on them. I was very pleased with the final bids on all of the cards that I placed in the auction. My check was in the mail about two and a half weeks after the auction ended, which I think is pretty quick considering the large number of items in an auction - getting confirmation of payment by bidders - all of the accounting in's and out's - plus cutting checks. If there are any seniors out there with cards from their younger days that they are interested in selling and getting a fair price for, I would advise you to research their values and if you have some that appear to be worth it, have them PSA graded. Then submit them to PWCC Auctions. As one part of their information says, they do the heavy lifting, which takes a lot of the stress off of you. I have used their services myself and highly recommend them.
— J.D., IL
Brent and his teammates have built an impressive business by offering their buyers world-class content while offering their consignors a terrific one-two punch - top shelf marketing and a convenient submission model (a PWCC consignor's to-do list is very short). It's been gratifying to watch PWCC hammer prices increasingly pace the market, often eclipsing the blue-blood auction houses in even the more rarified air of scarce high grade material.
— C.M.
PWCC provides a quick and easy way to sell my cards on eBay. PWCC simplifies the process and quick turnarounds, while getting maximum exposure to listings. Highly recommend.
— E.L., NY
You're much more likely to get a high quality item, regardless of what you are seeking, in a competitive bid environment. Witness the '63 Fleer Koufax I just picked up. Use the photo and bidding stats if you want. You are most dependent on the integrity of the party conducting the auction. Your record is spotless. I recall am incident in the past asked you to do something regarding an item that was against your way of doing things. I told you to let the bidding process goes it should. Key things to stress equally are integrity of your operation and quality of product. A third might be getting items to winning bidders after close of auction in remarkable time.
— J.S., CA
Having been on both sides of the fence with PWCC this is what I've learned. As a consignor my items were accurately represented with great close up photos and final bid prices at or above the norm. My check always gets here in a timely manner as well. When I win an auction the card is always shipped quickly and safely, not just thrown into a bubble mailer and mailed. Brent and the staff at PWCC are honest and as good as it gets in our hobby. So no matter which side of the fence your on with PWCC when the transactions have ended you'll be 100% satisfied and will become a loyal repeat customer like I and so many others have - the best high grade selection of sports cards regularly offered via auction anywhere!
— S.H., AL
I sold a considerable amount of vintage cards through Brent this past year. His organizational skills combined with his presentation had a direct effect on the profit realized.
— R.P., MA
I've have used PWCC almost exclusively to sell a large part of my collection over the past 5 years. PWCC's attention to detail, ease in dealing with them and most importantly, the results are outstanding. Brent, always understood and related to my concerns selling parts my prized collection which I had lovingly assembled over the past 30 + years. From a seller's perspective, PWCC, I feel, nets more than other auction houses. My one experience recently with a top auction house was hugely disappointing in almost every way. Although I netted 100% of the final price of each lot, I didn't do as well as I did paying a percentage to PWCC. Look at the prices they realize for their nice stuff and as they say, the numbers don't lie.
— S.G., CA
I have enjoyed working with Brent and PWCC for well over a year now. They always represent my consignment items professionally and accurately to their bidders, and always answer any questions that I have in a very timely and professional manner. All of my high dollar cards that I want to sell go to PWCC for auction, as I know that they will be sold with high integrity in very reputable auctions. I am also very satisfied with the prices that I get and the timeliness of my consignment check. Please give PWCC a try if you want to sell your sports cards. You will be glad that you did!
— M.M., VA
Over the years, PWCC has earned my trust due to their customer service. That is why in the past year alone, I have entrusted them with selling off my 1954, 1959 and 1960 Topps Baseball Sets.
— H.C., OK
For buyers of cards and sports memorabilia, PWCC offers you an incredible array of hard-to-find items. For sellers, you will realize the highest prices from consignment. The service is outstanding with prompt and secure shipping of items. Buyers receive their items within days, and sellers receive checks promptly with no hassles or delays. No one on e-bay runs an auction as efficiently and attracts bidders like Brent and his staff at PWCC.
— J.L., MN
The first testimonial I left for Brent and his eBay website, PWCC, was about 8-10 years ago. At that time I could only sing the highest praises for them. Since then, things have only gotten better: fabulous items in every auction; super financial returns for me as a seller; high confidence that my items will reach a very wide population of bidders; great items available to me as a buyer; very cordial personal and professional communication; extremely ethical, helpful, responsive to questions and concerns, and a pleasure to deal with. I can go on and on, including praising the upgrades to Brent's website, but I can only add that, whether seller or buyer, you will not be disappointed.
— D.R., CA
I started buying cards from PWCC four years ago and every single item has been as good or better than the image and description. I've always received my winning purchases quickly and they are packed perfectly with no issues. I highly recommend PWCC to rookies getting into the hobby as well as seasoned veterans looking to add on to their collection. Great company!!"
— B.R., TX
Over the past 18 months I liquidated a significant percent of my collection including hundreds of unopened cases, boxes, packs and multiple complete PSA sets from the entire decade of the 1970s and earlier. I had always respected PWCC as a buyer - but could not imagine dealing with a more trustworthy, professional, and personally friendly person in Brent and company. In fact, I trusted PWCC so much I would send dozens of huge boxes of cards without a single invoice and just email Brent what was coming. I knew that he would take care of the cards, that they would be auctioned in the most professional and positive way, and that I would receive top dollar for my collection. That is old school in every positive sense of the word.
— H.M., GA
Brent is simply the best. I am so impressed. He keeps you informed from start to finish. He lays out the listing and invites you to make any changes you think appropriate, with his approval. I have been a seller for years and could not do as good as he does. Should be a 6 star for Brent!
— B.M., NY
Brent at PWCC is the best way to find rare cards and sell rare cards. Brent has great communication in transactions and you always get s fair deal. Looking forward to more great deals in the future!! Thanks
— E.S., NY
I have been both a consignor of 100's of auction items as well as a purchaser in many of PWCC's past auctions. Their professionalism and hobby expertise are top rate. I would highly recommend them to any collector, whether you are buying or thinking of selling all or part of your collection. I count Brent as a true friend and most importantly a man of his word, who always tries to help out in any way needed to make the buying or selling experience for each customer a memorable and positive one.
— B.S., CA
Having being a dedicated customer of PWCC for the past 15 years I can without question say that their honesty and reliability is beyond reproach. No seller on Ebay can compete with PWCC when it comes to the depth and quality of their auctions.
— G.J., TX
I recently consigned a small portion of my card collection to PWCC. I am slowly liquidating 35 years of collection and I was looking for a consignor who had reasonable rates and solid final bid results. Brent was responsive and helpful during the process, and my decision to use PWCC was the correct one. In a market full of choices, PWCC is certainly among the most reputable and productive in the business. I will continue to use PWCC consignment services for the remainder of of collection.
— D.H., MO
As a Buyer I always look forward to PWCC auctions. The auctions are always professionally advertised and you get exactly what you ordered. They ship out in a timely manner packaged so that my collectibles arrive soundly. I can trust that all the cards are authentic and have been thoroughly examined. I also can find hard to come across cards (Short prints, Variations, Autos, Inserts, Tough Grades, Rookie Cards, etc.) I buy from PWCC because I know exactly what I will get and there is no shenanigans. In card collecting I want to have a seller that I can trust because there are a lot of nonprofessionals out there who are just trying to get your money, so I go with Brent for my buying and selling because in this market you need someone you can trust. As a Seller I can trust PWCC will receive exactly what I send and advertise it on a large stage and get the most for my cards. I know his fees and time frames, after the cards sell he sends a statement and everything gets paid exactly like you expect. He answers my calls or calls me right back if I have any questions. I appreciate that I can trust PWCC and what they have brought to the collectable card market, for Buyers and Sellers. Now we have a trusted place to buy and sell. Thanks Brent!
— B.J. MT
In my opinion, PWCC has risen to become the No.1 auction format for buyers and consignors. In the past I worked with some of the well-known auction houses that still conduct their business in what I call "old school methods" such as - long waiting periods for "your" consignment payment, high consignment rates, high percentage buyers premium added to the final price and poor communication. PWCC is "new school" providing cards and collectables of all genre, low consignment rates, no buyers premium, fast consignment payment and customer service that is second to none. It also doesn't hurt that PWCC has a modern, user friendly web site that completely benefits both seller and buyer. I highly recommend PWCC and thank you for making our hobby fun again.
— K.G, CA.
I've been collecting sports cards for over 35 years. I've bought and sold cards using several auction houses and venues however, I feel that PWCC Auctions may be the best of them. I've been acquiring several of my wish list cards through their auctions in addition to consigning my excess cards. All in all, PWCC is a one stop auction and consignment service that is unparalleled in this industry.
— J.B. NY
I have bought and sold many cards with PWCC in the past. My experiences both as a buyer and as a seller have been terrific. As a seller, PWCC has consistently gotten me more than I thought I would get time after time. Sometimes I am blown away at some of the prices my cards have sold for when consigned to PWCC. As a buyer, the item has always been well described, promptly shipped and well packaged. I used to sell my own cards on Ebay. Now I let someone else do it and probably net more than I would have if I did it myself. Thank you Brent! Thank you Ryan! Thank you PWCC for being a class act!
— G.Y., CA
I recently consigned a small portion of my card collection to PWCC. I am slowly liquidating 35 years of collection and I was looking for a consignor who had reasonable rates and solid final bid results. Brent was responsive and helpful during the process, and my decision to use PWCC was the correct one. In a market full of choices, PWCC is certainly among the most reputable and productive in the business. I will continue to use PWCC consignment services for the remainder of of collection.
— D.H., MO
Having been both consigner and buyer with PWCC I can say with certainty: "Without doubt the finest site for buying and selling high end cards, they do all the work and deliver the best results in a safe, secure, very well presented format. There is none better in the business!!"
— M.P., CT
Brent and his team at PWCC are very good at what they do. I have consigned with them numerous times and each time my collection was presented in an accurate and professional manner, allowing me to realize high end prices on each of my Cards. Do business with Brent. You will not regret it.
— R.H., HI
PWCC has been tremendous to deal with. Brent and his team do an amazing job and I will continue to use PWCC in the future. Highest recommendation.
— S.C., CA
Fast, friendly service. Quick payouts and a very personal experience. 100% satisfied. No more waiting for buyers to pay and no more trips to the Post Office.
— J.P., OH
I had a great experience with PWCC. Brent communicated well and was transparent through the whole process. Their auctions brought great results and payment was very fast. I look forward to cosigning more items to them in the near future. Thanks for a smooth transaction!
— C.C., PA
I sold on eBay for several years (helping my friend sell his extra cards) and it was not always easy trying to keep up with his new Inventory for Sale (Scanning, Listing and Shipping... and eBay then wanting SAME Day Shipping and Offering Returns by their sellers to be a Top Seller). Not only does PWCC consistently bring in Top fair market $$$s for the items they sell on eBay, their scans are better than my scanner can produce, their auctions reach a wider audience than I could (ie: PSA E-Mail Notification to PSA Registry Members that are missing an item or is an upgrade for the item being sold), but basically at the same eBay & Paypal fees I would have to pay selling the items valued $200 or more, myself. Their fees are SIGNIFICANTLY less than what I would have to pay for any higher valued items sold. They take care of ALL the details (scanning, listing, selling and shipping) and send you a check for your consignment sales (minus their reduced consignment (eBay and Paypal) fees within a few weeks after auction ends. They continue to expand all areas of their PWCC auctions (ie: Coins, Non-Sport cards and Sports Memorabilia, such as Authenticated Single Signed Baseballs (SSBs) and Authenticated Autographs from all areas). As a buyer, my only cost is my winning bid and shipping costs! I recommend them HIGHLY as a way to both buy and sell your items on eBay.
— K.H., MI
I am a consistent seller of memorabilia on EBAY but anytime I want to get top dollar, exceptional service and marketing I send my items to PWCC and let them do their thing. Great results and fast turnaround pay are PWCC's hallmark.
— M.Z., IL
I look forward to PWCC's monthly auctions and do most of my buying in their auctions. The photos are crystal clear and I thoroughly trust the accompanying descriptions. I have also consigned to PWCC and feel that I receive the best sale prices and always receive quick and completely accurate payment.
— G.D., PA
PWCC is the only place online where both buyers and sellers feel totally safe that their transaction will be completed with honesty and integrity. I will never use another broker or even try to buy/sell on my own again; the risks are just too high. The efforts Brent and his team put forward every day make it an easy decision to return again and again!
— T.B., MA
PWCC Auctions, LLC / Brent has been my go to cosigning partner since Auction #5, 2013. Whether it's a single card or small lot, my overall experience with PWCC has been outstanding. Great customer service and I've always received top dollar for my auctions. I was drawn to PWCC's professionalism and how they market and promote their auctions within eBay and throughout the collecting community. I've been very impressed with Brent's hands on approach and responsiveness, and the communication process from initial auction set up to final results reporting and payment. The eBay listings are very professional looking with clear and crisp scans. One added benefit is PWCC ships international. Any cards I need to sell, I have no problems cosigning with PWCC.
— N.L., CA
I consigned certified boxes and high end cards to Brent for the first time in 2015 and had a wonderful experience...they are professional, efficient, and were able to get me higher prices than I thought. Total class act in every way, and will consign again without question. I've also made multiple purchases over the years from PWCC and have never been disappointed. Thanks Brent.
— S.K., IL
Brent and the crew at PWCC is a great place to auction off your collectible cards. I was able to get a fair market price, including the commission they were asking. I would highly recommend to give them a chance to auction your collectible. You will get a fair market price and they do have a lot of reputable customer and most of all, PWCC pays your sells on time as they noted. I would give them an A+ rating overall.
— J.I., CA
I have used Brent on 3 occasions. It's a pleasure to do business with him and his company. First class all the way. It's fast, easy, safe and secure. With his reputation around the country, I promise you will get top dollar for your prized possessions.
— B.M., IL.
I had an excellent experience utilizing the professional auction services provided by PWCC. I had used the services of another well-known company prior to using PWCC and I had a much better experience with PWCC. The net proceeds payment was received promptly as represented on PWCC's website. I would definitely use PWCC again in the future without hesitation.
— L.M., NE
I consigned a couple of T3s, Mays, Rose, Schmidt, and Ryan rookies, a 1921 Exhibit Ruth, and, in a later consignment, 1966-72 Topps sets, and was very happy about the prices received and the service. Plan on consigning again in the near future.
— D.B., KY
I was very hesitant to send my cards to just anyone who could sell them over internet. After doing my research, I had two companies I narrowed my search down to. Both seemed like good choices, but I went with PWCC because I just had a hunch Brent's company was the right one for me. I emailed him with my basic questions, and he replied to me very quickly. Brent answered my emails with questions or concerns I had, and he put my mind at ease. He made the whole process very easy, and he has earned my valued trust when it comes to buying and selling over the internet. I would recommend Brent without any reservation for anyone looking to buy or sell cards. Thank you Brent! I look forward to working with you again in the future.
— P.M., GA
1st class professionals in every way.....it does not get any better than PWCC! You will be pleased at the auction results due to Brent and his crews due diligence in preparing and showcasing your cards etc much thanks
— M.M., VA
It's my pleasure to say that I've been totally satisfied with PWCC every time I've dealt with them so far. Auctions were well-prepared and accurate and I received my payment in a timely fashion. Would definitely do business with them again. Thanks for your professionalism!
— M.J., CA
Ran across a PWCC auction about 5 years ago and was impressed with the variety of items that were offered, from the Prewar Vintage that envelops the history of the game for the serious collector, to the current cards that open the hobby to the youngest collector being introduced to the game, and everything in between that binds it all together. Being a consigner and buyer, what I respect from Brent and PWCC are the detailed descriptions of each item, with history and provenance to familiarize the buyer, as well as educate him of the players, and the if you can call it the "magic" that it keeps from generation to generation. I have learned a lot about baseball, and the character of those who have played it thru all of this, and hope everyone can at one point in their life can own a "piece of the game". Be assured, with PWCC Auctions you wont be disappointed. Thanks Brent.
— D.L., LA
I recently used PWCC for the first time in their 6th 2015 online auction. I ended up selling about $15,000 of my collection. From start to finish I found PWCC to be very professional! I was very pleased with every aspect of their auction process and absolutely will not hesitate to use them again in the future. PWCC is good for the hobby!
— M.W., TX
PWCC is easy to deal with and bring outstanding prices on my material.
— G.C., CAN
PWCC is one of the premiere card sellers on Ebay for good reason. Their professionalism and attention to detail is 2nd to none. They would be successful if they choose to sell off Ebay as well.
— B.W., NC
There is no longer any reason for me to use eBay to sell my cards. Instead, I rely on PWCC to sell them for me! PWCC does all the work associated with getting the cards listed and sold, and their professional experience is evident in their detailed card descriptions. Their commissions are quite reasonable and they always get top dollar for my cards!"
— F.P., CO
In the last 5 years, I have bought and sold baseball cards in excess of $25,000 with PWCC. I have been extremely pleased with PWCC's service, communication, and professionalism as both a buyer and seller. They are the only auction house that I consign my complete sets and singles to. Highly recommended.
— C.S., SD
PWCC has sold thousands of dollars in cards for me recently. I am extremely happy with the service the team provides. The communication is instant, the website is smooth and professional, the scans are top notch and the reach they have in the industry is expansive. I am a power seller on eBay and tried listing a card with no bids for weeks... I sent the card to PWCC and not only did I see several bids on the first day...but I got what I wanted out of the card and more with NO hassle, time or additional fees!!! I did MUCH LESS work and got MORE MONEY. Doesn't happen much in life people... get it while it's hot.
— M.D. MI
I have been a long time trader of vintage baseball cards and through the years I had several smooth transactions with PWCC as a buyer. However, when it came time to sell my collection, I truly found out what a professional, proactive, and customer service oriented company PWCC really is. Brent Huigens' web site is top notch, card presentation is of the highest quality, and the seller portal he created for me was extraordinary. More importantly, the prices realized for my cards greatly exceeded my expectations. The terms were fair and Brent's response to a couple of special requests I had was outstanding. There is no need to sell your cards on eBay or consign to any auction house. Just send your cards to Brent.
— J.D., FL
During a difficult financial time for my family, I entrusted PWCC to sell off a significant part of my collection. The presentation and care in which Brent presented several of my key baseball cards greatly contributed to receiving a total amount which exceeded my highest expectations. Everything about PWCC was first rate and A+ in every aspect. Simply stated, PWCC is the best in the business.
— R.F., MA
It's a great feeling knowing that my consignment cards are secure in the hands of PWCC and that they will usually result in a sale commensurate with their market value. Brent has been very pleasant, ethical and helpful in his dealings with me throughout my past consignments with him. I can give PWCC my highest recommendation.
— J.U., CA
PWCC is a great firm whether you are a buyer or seller. They are one of the top two firms in our business. The PWCC folks are extremely professional, extremely friendly, extremely reliable, and extremely easy to work with. On the sales side, their marketing is top rate, they normally get very competitive prices, and they pay quickly. On the buy side, their descriptions are accurate and not filled with meaningless info, they ship quickly, and they are quick to respond to queries. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to consign memorabilia or who wants to buy some.
— S.S., CT
Not only am I impressed with every level of PWCC's business but what stands out is Brent's communication! Unlike many other auction houses that are your best friend until they get your stuff, and ignore you after, he answers every single e-mail in rapid fashion, personally! This company's level of customer service is absolutely top notch!
— M.C. CA
I recently consigned a small portion of my card collection to PWCC. I am slowly liquidating 35 years of collection and I was looking for a consignor who had reasonable rates and solid final bid results. Brent was responsive and helpful during the process, and my decision to use PWCC was the correct one. In a market full of choices, PWCC is certainly among the most reputable and productive in the business. I will continue to use PWCC consignment services for the remainder of of collection.
— D.H., MO
The entire process was very smooth for me as a first time consignor. Every step of the process was communicated, and everything that was communicated happened just as it was stated. Fabulous tracking system to allow for easy access to the auctions as they processed. When I had questions I called or emailed Brent, and it was Brent that responded. That made me very comfortable with this entire experience. Very professional, good settlement experience and I will definitely use this service again.
— V.B., MO
It was a pleasure to work with PWCC and I'm sure that I wouldn't have received as much for my collectibles if it hadn't been for Brent and his team. I'd been wanting to sell a few things for a while, but didn't have time to handle everything through eBay. When I heard about PWCC, it sounded like everything that I needed and my experience exceeded my expectations. Brent took care of all of the heavy lifting of selling my cards and I had a check in hand within a couple of weeks of the auctions for my items ending. It was such an easy process. I'll definitely be consigning with PWCC again in the future.
— M.P., IL
Brent and team at PWCC are Topps at what they do. I have bought and sold many times, always happy with results. Love their auction format.
— B.L., TX
PWCC's website, scans and accurate descriptions are all very impressive. But what really sets PWCC apart from other e-bay sellers and auction houses is their outstanding customer service. In addition to being exceptionally knowledgeable, Brent always responds quickly when there's a question or concern.
— D.K., CA
I am a collector and tried PWCC with two set breaks, a 1954 and 1955. I spoke with PWCC several times about the best way to break the sets, and I was impressed by the amount of bids on each lot along with the total return I made. Every step of the process was enhanced with true professionalism. I would recommend PWCC over the bigger auction houses. as your returns will be higher!
— R.A., NC
My dealings with Brent have been - in short, Professional and SMOOTH. I was highly satisfied with the auction results of my holdings. You can trust him during ALL phases of your dealings to provide guidance and quick processing of your transactions. I will be dealing with Brent again.
— R.G., MA
Simply Put - Brent and his PWCC Team are in a league of their own!! I first came to know Brent after I sent him an email inquiring about his services through PWCC. Brent personally responded to my email by the end of the day sharing his vision for sports card auctions, how he and his business operates and the superior service that he commits to. Since that day ~4 years ago I have benefited from PWCC's services, auctioning off thousands of vintage and new baseball, football, hockey and basketball cards while living in the United States and Singapore and realizing net proceeds that exceeded what I would see elsewhere, and certainly on my own. Regardless of whether I engaged PWCC from within the United States or Singapore (over 13,000 miles away!) the service and support was prompt and seamless. Brent is a standup guy! He is professional, dedicated and passionate about what he does. I cannot recommend PWCC enough! Thank you PWCC Team.
— B.B., GA
I'm only a small volume collector/seller and PWCC leads the way BY FAR in this industry, with respect to making the consignment of auction items simple, quick and honest. Keep doing what you're doing!
— M.I., CAN
I have used PWCC's consignment services going on two years now. Brent and staff run a first class operation and I have never had one issue.
— S.N., FL
My experience with Brent and PWCC has been as both a "buyer" and "seller" and in each situation, Brent has repeatedly demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and exceptional personal service. Great communication and smooth transactions are what you can typically expect when dealing with Brent.
— T.G., PA
I once asked a prominent sports card collector, with whom I am acquainted, to recommend an auction house as I was planning to sell a portion of my collection. He quickly suggested PWCC. PWCC has always been an auction house that I could depend on. They are very professional and extremely competitive with their pricing. When I choose to sell again PWCC will be my partner!
— J.C., FL
Great company... great service... 100% reliable... an efficient and trustworthy ebay auction operation.
— H.F., FL
Just started using PWCC last year and have been very satisfied with how easy it is to auctions my sports cards! Checks arrive very fast and they do all the work for a small fee. Extremely happy and will continue using PWCC since their reputation is just awesome!!
— M.S., WI
Brent Huigens and PWCC are one of the good guys in the sports collectible industry, long serving collectors with unparalleled honesty, integrity and fairness. Deal with confidence...I have for 20 years and will continue to do so. Strongly Recommended!
— A.M., CA
PWCC is the real deal. They are quick to send out checks, and they represent your material with the highest quality listings with fantastic pictures, and perfect descriptions. I would and have recommended them to those who I care about.
— A.H., MI
I have both consigned items and purchased items from the PWCC auctions. Brent went above and beyond in the way he listed my items and I realized very strong prices due to Brent's presentation and his clientele that follow his auctions. As for purchasing thru PWCC the items he lists are in the top 1% as for rarity and quality. He has items for collectors and he also sells investment grade items. He also is very professional.
— M.B., CA
This was my first time consigning with PWCC and it has been a blessing. The whole auction from beginning to end has been done professionally and in a timely manner. I feel I got the most out of my baseball collection especially since I didn't have to do anything but send Brent my cards. Ever I acquire another collection and need to sale, I'm going back to PWCC first. Thank you and God Bless
— J.D., KY
I've been working with Brent and his team at PWCC for the past year, and have participated in about 10 auctions. The process has always been quite smooth, communication has been excellent, and the level of customer service exceptional. Brent is always available, and quickly responds to questions and requests. The PWCC website is easy to navigate, and sellers are able to monitor the progress of their auctions in real time. The auction process, from start to finish, is very well-designed, and makes it easy and profitable for sellers. For anyone looking for a well-publicized, well-run, high quality company to consign their auction items to, I would highly recommend Brent @ PWCC without any reservations. Try it, you'll like it, and you'll be glad that you did.
— L.R., GA
PWCC gets the best prices on E-Bay and enhances that with great customer service. Thanks Brent.
— D.L., TX
PWCC handled a large collection of baseball cards for us. The sales were well organized and very successful. It was our first time selling with an online broker and we are beyond pleased with the expertise and professional service we received from them. We recommend them highly.
— M.R., CA
I appreciate that I can ship items for future auctions to pay for items won in the current auction. PWCC's presentation for each item auctioned on Ebay is superb. PWCC's consignment rates are reasonable and very competitive.
— J.C., CA
I consigned with PWCC for the first time recently and they were very professional throughout the entire process. Their timely communications with me far exceeded my expectations and I will be consigning with PWCC again.
— D.B.
I love collecting but there are times you need to sell things as well. My time is valuable and the PWWC fees were very reasonable and fair. This allowed me to clear out some items and kept the hobby fun for me. Highly recommended. The third party aspect is also a selling point for me. I can add something about that if you like but thought the above might be enough.
— K.M., MN
PWCC - Brent and his team - have provided me and other collectors and investors with high quality cards and excellent, thoughtful customer service for many years. I first became attracted to PWCC's auctions over 13 years ago, and have been a consistent, aggressive buyer every year. For the first time, when I decided this year to try selling some cards, the first dealer and auction house I turned to was PWCC for this service. I greatly value PWCC's high integrity in all that it does, as well as PWCC's very broad reach and base of both buyers and sellers.
— B.R., CAN
Consigning with PWCC auctions and dealing with Brent was seamless from start to finish. A great experience for an international client.
— A.S., CA
I recently consigned a large lot through PWCC. It contained quite a few cards in the $25-100 range, several between $100 and $1,000, and a few higher end cards. I was pleasantly surprised with the prices my cards realized. Especially the higher end cards. I was able to net more than I could have selling the cards on my own, without taking any of the time or hassle. Brent was very friendly, personally responding to all of my questions along the way. I plan to use PWCC's services again in their upcoming auction, and would recommend them to anyone with sportscards to sell.
— J.A., CA
I have used PWCC Auctions for only 6 months now, but I already have had a wonderful experience. Brent and his team are VERY professional and easy to deal with. They make the whole process of selling high end cards an absolute breeze and very fun! I would recommend PWCC Auctions to any sports card collector!!
— S.H., CAN
I heard very good things about PWCC before I ever consigned with them. Needless to say, they went above and beyond any expectations that I had. I appreciate the very timely responses to my questions or concerns, and everything is handled with the utmost respect and integrity. I would never consider using anybody else because of their professionalism and attention to detail. The final auction prices are just an added plus to a great experience.
— M.L., CA
I use PWCC for most of my high grade vintage purchases. The entire process is transparent and efficient. Bidding via their e-bay platform is the most desirable auction process for me and their consignment of quality cards is unmatched in the industry. The other AH proprietary bidding software scares me, as I can't see other bidders and their "reserve bidding" disclaimer is bothersome.
— J.B., CA