Auction Integrity for Our Buyers

We are one of the finest brokers of both vintage and modern graded sports cards. We too are collectors striving to streamline the auction process by providing an efficient, high quality service with affordable consignment rates. Here is what sets us apart from other auction houses.

Auction Integrity

No Shill

The integrity of bidding on our auctions is our highest priority. The sportscard hobby hinges on the honesty and integrity of the seller, and collectors deserve a bidding environment that is 100% legitimate and uninfluenced by manipulation such as fraudulent bidding by the auction house, consignors, friends of consignors, friends of the auction house, or anyone else who participates insincerely with the sole intention of manipulating the sale price.

Members of our bid monitoring team are responsible for reviewing and addressing all concerns raised about bidding on PWCC auctions. Please send any concerns about bidding to and we will address your concerns.

Bid Monitoring

PWCC takes a proactive approach to monitoring bid behavior, and has developed the bid monitoring guidelines described below. We reserve the right to contact bidders who place bids outside these guidelines, and in some cases, will choose to block bidders from participating in our auctions.

  • All bid retractions and cancellations that fall outside eBay's policy are reported daily to eBay. eBay reserves the right to enforce their policies.
  • Any username that retracts more than one bid on a PWCC auction in a manner outside of eBay's policy will be blocked from participating in further PWCC auctions.
  • Any username that has a high number of bid retractions across the eBay platform will be blocked from participating in further PWCC auctions.
  • "String bidding", or a series of sequential bids at the minimum bid increment, can be perceived as bid manipulation because it allows a bidder to expose the maximum bid of another bidder without becoming the high bidder him or herself. Any instances of string bidding will be flagged by our team.

We ask that the bidding community assist PWCC in identifying concerning bid behavior on any of our auctions. Please notify PWCC of any suspicious behavior by sending an email to our bid monitoring team at and we will respond. Thank you for your kind assistance in this process.

We offer payment flexibility.


We are here to help collectors do what they love, with the flexibility we all appreciate during a transaction. Among other things we are the only auction house in the country that accepts credit cards (PayPal) for all its sales, allowing buyers to pay quickly and avoid the delays of paper payments. We also offer generous payment terms to all buyers, providing up to 5 weeks for full payment with just a 25% down payment. We also offer our 'Consign in Lieu of Payment' program where buyers can consign items to a future auction and have their winnings from the current auction shipped out ASAP.

We leverage eBay as our auction platform.

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eBay Certified Trading Assistant
eBay Certified PLATINUM Power Seller

To preserve the integrity of the bidding process, we believe that eBay is the best forum to host auctions due to the privacy of the eBay platform. Unlike proprietary auction software, eBay's platform is equally transparent to both the buyer and the seller. We don't know the value of a bidder's max bid, nor do our consignors, or anyone else. We've spent the last 15+ years on eBay (since 1998) working to garner the trust of collectors and the hobby at large. Rest assured that you can trust our service and can participate in our auctions with the confidence that integrity is our #1 priority.

Contact us for more information.

As always, don't hesitate to contact PWCC with any questions. Please email ( or call (510-725-7853) anytime – we look forward to the opportunity to show you why we are the best option for buying and selling sports cards in the hobby.